Carroll College Scholarship

The Donor specifies that this gift is to establish the Linda Seeley Piccolo Mariah’s Challenge Memorial Endowed Scholarship in recognition of Linda’s commitment to the prevention of underage drinking and driving that inspired her play, Mariah’s Challenge, in memory of Mariah Daye McCarthy.

  • The Scholarship shall be awarded to an incoming Carroll College student who meets the following eligibility requirements:
    • Butte High School graduate (priority) or Butte Central High School graduate.
    • Letter from a Butte High School, Butte Central High School or Mariah’s Challenge Foundation official certifying the applicant has accepted and completed Mariah’s Challenge of:
      • If under age 21, do not drink and never get in a car with somebody who has been drinking.
      • If over the age 21, do not drink and drive, and be a good role model for our children.
      • No minor in possession or other alcohol-related offense.
      • Regained from use of illegal drugs.

Note: The following individuals may be contacted for details regarding Mariah’s Challenge, Leo McCarthy, 406-723-3285 (work) or 406-490-2739 (cell).