The following community members have created and joined the Mariah’s Challenge Foundation – giving their time, love, and commitment to bringing about a change in the attitudes toward underage drinking and drinking and driving in Butte, in Montana, and throughout the country.


Jon Wick, Executive Director of Mariah's Challenge

Jon Wick

Leo McCarthy, Founder of Mariah's Challenge
Jimm Kilmer, President of Mariah's Challenge

Jimm Kilmer

Board of Directors

  • Amanda Badovinac
  • Derek Hendrickson
  • Chad Okrusch
  • Dan Haffey
  • Gina Evans
  • Melissa O’Dell
  • Stephanie Sorini
  • Barb Russell
  • Beth Sullivan
  • Jerry Sullivan
  • Northey Tretheway (youth member)

Past Directors

  • Bob Bennie
  • Jaison Carriger
  • Mark Dauenhauer
  • Susan Dauenhauer
  • Larry Driscoll
  • Leslie McCartney
  • Margi Okrusch
  • Michele Shea
  • Cindy Stergar