The following community members have created and joined the Mariah’s Challenge Foundation – giving their time, love, and commitment to bringing about a change in the attitudes toward underage drinking and drinking and driving in Butte, in Montana, and throughout the country.


Leo McCarthy

Jimm Kilmer

Board of Directors

  • Amanda Badovinac
  • Derek Hendrickson
  • Chad Okrusch
  • Dan Haffey
  • Gina Evans
  • Melissa O’Dell
  • Stephanie Sorini
  • Barb Russell
  • Beth Sullivan
  • Jerry Sullivan
  • Northey Tretheway (youth member)

Past Directors

  • Jon Wick
  • Bob Bennie
  • Jaison Carriger
  • Mark Dauenhauer
  • Susan Dauenhauer
  • Larry Driscoll
  • Leslie McCartney
  • Margi Okrusch
  • Michele Shea
  • Cindy Stergar