Mariah Daye McCarthy

Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, Friend

Mariah_McCarthy_Mariahs_ChallengeShe was taken from her loved ones by an underage driver who had been drinking on October 28, 2007, at the much too young age of 14 years. Her family meant the world to her and she meant the world to her family. Mariah is now our angel watching over each of us. She will guide us through our lives helping us to find the best in everyone and everything we encounter.

Mariah lived her life with faith, family, and friends at the center of her heart. She was an old soul with a young heart and had a special outlook on life. She was an observer and deep thinker. Always watching and listening to everything around her. She needed to feel comfortable before she joined in a new activity. She pondered each and every decision before making a move. She never jumped into anything without analyzing each detail thoroughly.

Mariah helped the underdog. She wanted everyone to receive fair and just treatment. If someone got a raw deal, she tried to gain justice for them. If someone was mean or rude, she did not retaliate, she just moved on and stayed away from that person. Mariah wanted people to feel free to be themselves.

Mariah remembered everything, everyone, and everyplace she encountered. She always wanted to know if she knew that person. She remembered each family member that entered heaven before her. She remembered each and every trip, holiday, and birthday shared with her family. She loved planning family celebrations.

Mariah loved the holidays. This was family time to keep up yearly traditions. She helped decorate her house to show her celebration of the season. Mariah even decorated her bedroom with tree and all. Her spirit showed through in everything she did.

Traveling with her family was a passion she got to fulfill frequently for someone so young. Mariah visited many wonderful places such as Disney World, New York City, Flathead Lake, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Each destination brought her closer to her family and extended family members. They shared so many adventures in these new and exciting areas. Mariah was extremely proud of her Irish heritage and planned to visit Ireland. However, that wasn’t in her life plan. So, her sister Jenna and cousins said they will take her there in their hearts.

Mariah was taken from us far too young. Her spirit will help us through the difficult times ahead without her. Her smile and love radiated through each thing she did. We were lucky to have Mariah in our lives.



Memories of Mariah

Mariah’s older sister Jenna McCarthy’s story of Mariah’s passing

This essay was originally a Halloween story for English class. Instead of making up a story, I decided to tell what happened on the night of October 27, 2007…

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A Letter from Mariah’s cousin Jessica

Hi, how’s it going? How’s heaven? I hope it’s good. I really miss you. You were my best friend. I’ll never forget you. We were pretty much sisters. We did everything together…

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The Angel Mariah (WMA download)

Chad Okrusch wrote and recorded the song The Angel Mariah to honor Mariah’s memory. Chad is the father of Kaitlyn Okrusch who was with Mariah the day she was killed. Kaitlyn and Valerie Kilmer were injured and hospitalized.





Pictures of Mariah