Accepting the Challenge Is Simple

  • If you are under 21, do not drink and never get in a car with somebody who has been drinking.
  • If you are over 21, do not drink and drive, and be a good role model for our children.
  • If you sell alcohol, check IDs, train your employees to obey the law, and keep alcohol out of the hands of our children.
  • If you are a part of our justice system, enforce our laws and keep our children safe.

Acceptance, 5.5.16, Green Bay, WI:  My dad was an alcoholic and while he never hurt anyone when he drove (thank God), he did drink and drive. He died in 2010 and I miss him everyday. Organizations/challenges like this give me hope that no other child will loose their parent to alcoholism.

Acceptance, 3.30.16, Chicago, IL:  Mariah’s Challenge is an inspiration for people of all ages and most importantly to our kids. I appreciate the courage and strength of this family to challenge us all to do the right thing and to be the best we can be.

Acceptance, 3.8.16, Butte, MT:  Mariah’s Challenge is a great example to people that when devastating experiences happen, those experiences can be used to help others better themselves. I am grateful for the great message given through Mariah’s Challenge, and the incentive it gives people to do what is right.

Acceptance, 1.28.15, Chappaqua, NY: I am in Mr. O’ Connors class and loved our skype call. I would like to take Mariah’s challenge. I have been so inspired by you! I will wear my wristband in pride all the time.

Acceptance, 12.8.15, McKinney, TX: Great message and extremely important for our kids to have these types of messages so they can find the courage to make the right decisions.

Acceptance, 11.12.15, Chappaqua, NY: I was so inspired by your story and I want to thank you for all you’ve done with your community and people around the country. I want to accept this challenge and kept this promise close to my heart for the rest of my live. Thank you!

Acceptance, 10.4.15, Anaconda, MT: When i was in grade school and Mariah passed all i did was read the story. i still have a copy of the story in my room. As i am on my senior year i have been asked to drink and i have said no. I haven’t attended any parties and i don’t plan on it. I have been called to give rides to family who has been drinking, because i want them to arrive alive and those who aren’t driving to arrive alive. I can still remember when i bought my shirt and how i felt, i felt like Mariah was with me. I never knew Mariah but my cousins went to school with her at the time. Fly high Mariah<3



Promise to Be Responsible with Alcohol

Accept The Challenge

*Only your name, hometown, state, and message will be seen by others. Your hometown and state is used to evaluate the impact of Mariah’s Challenge. Other information may be used to inform you of news and events. Thank you for accepting Mariah’s Challenge.

We also have a memorial wall where you can leave a memorial for a loved one you have lost to alcohol, or read memorials for other people’s losses.