School Starter Kits

Starter Package CoverThe goal of this resource manual is to provide some real-world, proven, tools and strategies to youth and adult leaders in an effort to make your Mariah’s Challenge organizational launch the easiest, most effective it can possibly be. Using the ideas and framework provided in this book, you are taking the first step to starting Mariah’s Challenge in your area and creating a better world for our youth!

The 64-page Program Starter Kit includes:

Organization Information

  • The Mariah’s Challenge Story: necessary background information (adaptable to all audiences)
  • Mariah’s Challenge Resources: all things MC in a variety of media
  • Useful Documents: acceptance cards, template scholarship application, and more
  • Outline of Successful Mariah’s Challenge Chapter: outlines the purposes, strategies, and goals of one chapter


  • K-6 Mariah’s Challenge Lesson Plans: 15 age-appropriate lessons based on ASCA National Standards for personal and social development (Grades 7-8, High School, and Organization activities in development)
  • School-wide and Thematic Activities
  • Kitchen Table Talks: talking points for parents and their students


  • Fundraising  and Event Strategies: Documents and tips to ensure long-term success and stimulate events
  • Marketing Samples: school newsletters, newpaper templates, flyers, press releases
  • Facebook Posts: sample posts to use throughout the year
  • Advertising guides: images for office, school, or public publications and Mariah’s Challenge brand information